March 1, 2018

A few weeks ago our fantastic drumming trio called themselves the groovemeisters - and groovemeisters they are!

Listen to the track above - this week is the first time that The Rocking Stars tried playing instruments together as a band.   

They are sounding fantastic!! 

January 11, 2018

This term we are playing instruments. Some of us are playing ukuleles, some of us are playing keyboards and some of us are playing drums.  

We are making our own parts and look forward to playing them together as a band.

December 14, 2017

The Rocking Stars wrote a brilliant rap to add to their song We Like Music! 

They have included everything they like about music - the bass, the beat, the flow and their favourite genres.

To listen to M - to the - U - to the S - I - C scroll to the bottom of this page.

November 2, 2017

This week we began to record our small group raps and songs. 

This singer was incredibly brave and chose to sing her song to the group as an acapella solo! What wonderful performance courage and what a beautiful voice!

Listen to this rap and drum accompaniment performed by 2 Harry Gosling students. They are working towards some excellent lyrics - can you hear the words about Shakepeare's Hamlet?

In this rap we can hear many excel...

October 19, 2017

This week we used the brilliant lyrics below to make a great rap section for our piece.

Written by a Rocking Star - we loved the playful repetition and especially the loud YO to end!

September 14, 2017

During our first session after the summer holidays we made a body percussion beat and Jane* joined us on piano.

We tried our beat in 3 different tempos - slow, medium and fast. 

We also tried beat boxing!

You can listen here. Which tempo do you prefer - the slow one, the medium one or the fast one?


July 13, 2017

There are lots of wonderful instruments at The Rocking Stars' School. This week we split into three groups and played djembes, ukuleles and recorders. 

July 6, 2017

We had a great first week getting to know each other. We played games and made body percussion rhythms in pairs. This group has got rhythm! 

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