Music and art - at the same time

children making giant artwork
band pause to discuss the music

This week we joined Yellow Class* in an experiment.

We wondered what would happen if we made art and music together at the same time.

Children from The Brilliant Banging Blues joined the band to make different sounds and textures with lots of different instruments. We had a very large gong, an ocean drum, a rain stick, bass bars, the piano, djembes, gato drums, xylophones, metallophones and much more.

At the same time the artists worked with different coloured paper, glue, scissors and charcoal.

We wondered if the sound from the band would change the way that the artists worked. Would they do anything differently when they heard the different sounds? Or would they cut, stick and make marks in the same way that they would without sound?

We would also like to shape our music making to the art too - something to try next time!