Earlier this year, children from The Brilliant Banging Blues, The Rocking Stars and The Crushing Keys met at The Brilliant Banging Blues' school to begin to write a new song together. Click on a section below to find out more!

The Brilliant Banging Blues
The Rocking Stars
The Crushing Keys

The Brilliant Banging Blues

The next step was to take the lovely melody ‘we all like different things’ to The Brilliant Banging Blues.


The Brilliant Banging Blues sang the melody and then Jo asked if they would add some more lyric ideas by thinking about:

  • Why we all like different things?

  • Does it matter?

  • What would it be like if we all liked the same things?

  • What are the different things we like?

Jo asked the children to write their ideas on post-it notes


Some children performed their ideas to the class.

One group suggested this.


They thought it would a good idea if one person said what they like and the remaining 59 children whispered it back as one voice – a great idea!


Before we knew it, we had the next part of the song!

(And there were many more ideas that we could include later, or could be used for other new songs. Look at this fantastic example. What great use of rhyme!)